Hasegawa Chisame (長谷川千雨) (number1idol) wrote,
Hasegawa Chisame (長谷川千雨)


So I'm fixing my pings finally, because sometimes I put stuff on ping when it comes up very rarely and then the TIDES OF CFUD SLANG CHANGE and a few months later I end up getting pinged by it every five minutes (like "uhuhu" for example). Also I have some dropped characters I never took off ping and some weird nicknames AND SO ON.

Going through my pings I ventured into the vast and hideous realm of all my Tomo pings from back in the day. I'm taking most of them off now (except for like, "Tomo" and such) but I felt the need, before I take this step, to preserve a list of what exactly you people made me add to my pings list back when I had her.

tomo, tomoho, tinihi, tmoo, romo, romotomo, yomo, tomaho, toto, tomoarigatou, tomomo, tomodachi, tomobolo, tinigo, homoto, tommy, tomotherapy, tomominator, toho, tomot, thomo, homo, tomosexual, tiniho, tnin, tomohobag, tmo, tomorochi, toemo, tomohomo, tomomomo, ttomo, tomorapist, tomohawk, tomohome, tomar, omgtomo, como, coma, tomom, tomwhore, comohomoho, timi, comotomomomoho, comotomoho, tomowhore, tomoto, tama, takino, homobutt, tomor, tomoar, tomho, toma, tomoromo, tomoh, tomotmo, tomoboner, tomoochie, tomosano, tomobutt, gomoho, tomi, tumo, momomomo, momomo, tomobo, tomoharu, tentatomo, tomoes, tomotomobobomo, homomo, uptomo

That's not including anything not derived from her name, like "fucking girl," and for some reason "agitated by sex pod" was also in there.
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