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Okay so I'm extra lazy this year and I can't remember shit |< BUT WHATEVER. And I also haven't decided every gift yet! And yet I feel like doing this, or at least a placeholder-type thing, anyway, so I can be cool like the rest of you.

wrt playing this stuff out I'd rather just do it in camp near Christmas \o/ MORE FUN THAT WAY, unless you can't make it! IF YOU'RE NOT SURE IF YOU'D GET A GIFT feel free to comment and ask but if you think you would you probably will.

Friends are getting winter clothes from Chisame this year! They're very well-made and comfy and fashionable because she rocks like that. What you get depends on how close you are, like, Ari would probably get a sweater and hat while someone she doesn't know as well would get maybe mittens and scarf, WHATEVER. Classmates automatically get the full set. Chizuru of course will get a little something extra. It may involve them being animals the next day, I'm not sure. Negi will also get something extra that will not at all involve being animals the next day. Probably cookies or a cake or something.

Is doing baked goods this year, mostly! People she knows and likes will get cakes, cookies, candies, that kind of thing, done up in VERY CUTE LITTLE HOLIDAY BUNDLES with ribbons and winter flowers. Female friends will also get little pieces of jewelry, like a pair of earrings or a bracelet. The following people will get extras (I'll fill these in later):

Zexion will also get like, a coupon for one week vacation from his chores around the cave. |D

VIPER doesn't get anything for anyone HA HA. o Viper you so wacky

SHIRLEY is doing the Haru thing this year, baking tasty things for people. I FORGET WHO WOULD GET SOMETHING FROM HER, feel free to ask, she would totally give at least some cookies to like everyone she's met more than once. Chloe, Peony, Sharon, Ion, and Robin each get a baumkuchen and a cute knit scarf. |D CHLOE GETS A HAT TOO.

DEVIT UHHH. The following people all get special things from Devit (I'll fill in the incomplete ones later):

Jasdero will probably get some kind of pet and some kind of food (which Devit will try and force Watanuki into making for him). It will be something Jasdevi can't make.
Mika (I think we're doing the dragon for Mika, RHODE?)
Castor gets a very decorative and badass carving knife to do doll work with. I mean like. I don't know anything about knives but this knife will be awesome and amazing with a really ornate personalized handle that probably involves gold inlay and complicated etchings and overall it's just ridiculously overdone and impossible yet still perfectly functional with like, A WICKED CARVING BLADE and etc. etc. etc. This gift is unsigned and there's no way in Hell Devit will actually hand it to him, it'll be left in a box somewhere in the Churchshack and Devit will swear he had nothing to do with it even though it'll be obvious.

Other than that, Devit will probably get together with Jasdero and try to think of cool, ridiculous things to make, and then they'll give those out to people they like. So the following people will get presents that are probably much more random and very possibly physically impossible:

Ticky will get something insulting probably
The Earl
Shuri might get something frightening


HYUUGA I have to fill in later but he will do gifts for the following:


and um I think that's it!? Hakuren might get an annoying e-card |D
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