Hasegawa Chisame (長谷川千雨) (number1idol) wrote,
Hasegawa Chisame (長谷川千雨)


lol characters who make clothes |D

Chizuru: a very sexy MAGICAL GIRL VILLAIN costume.
Bart: a stuffed cheetah with goggles
Gongji: a well-tailored, fashionable modern outfit
Boyan: a well-tailored, fashionable modern outfit
Russel: a new replica of Ed's red jacket
Meer: a set of small silver star hairclips
Rey: a little stuffed version of himself it's a clooooooone
Shinn: an outfit that is not so hobo-ish :(
Yzak: . . . a very manly angora sweater
Ryoutou: a well-tailored, fashionable modern outfit
Misa: a "CFUD" cheerleading uniform
Chizu-nee: a set of sexy lingerie. There is a note: "Don't you dare show this to my girlfriend."
Kyon: a hat and mittens
Ari: a hat that looks like the top of Stan's head (with yellow eyes) and a small music box with a princess inside. She bears a passing resemblance to Marlene.
Tamaki: a package of tea and a few homemade scones in a basket. This gift is anonymous.
Yuu-chan and Ruu-chan: makeup sets. This gift is also anonymous.
Umeda: a new lab coat
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